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SkySong, ASU Campus, Scottsdale,  AZ

Architect: Pei Cobb Freed & Partners

Design Engineers: FTL Studios

We tailor our services to meet the particulars needs of each project.  Many projects contain similar service items such as establishing performance criteria early in the design process related to energy or illumination, but then will vary based on project specific items such as custom lighting features or mock-up requirements, energy/sustainability targets, etc.  Below is a general description of our architectural lighting design services grouped by the phases of the building construction process.  Please note that the use of the word "Client" may refer to Architect, Owner, Owner's Rep or others.

Schematic Design Phase

This is the early groundwork phase of the design process.  We review all relevant project documentation and evaluate site conditions.  We then work with the client to establish all target program requirements,  performance requirements and budget parameters that are to guide Design Development.

Design Development Phase

This next phase when one or more design concepts emerge and take hold.  We meet and correspond with the Client to discuss electric and, if applicable, natural lighting options.  We then develop one or more lighting schemes and present these to the Client.  After the presentation we document the approved lighting scheme with any requested design changes.  We then run computer and manual lighting calculations to confirm design intent and meeting of target performance.  Once confirmed, we compile a preliminary lighting fixture specification and make recommendations based on budget review of cost estimator's estimate.

Construction Document Phase

Once the cost of the design development package is approved we prepare final lighting plans for Client review and approval.  If necessary, we provide detail sketches for all lighting equipment that requires special mounting conditions and concept drawings and/or mock-ups for all custom lighting elements.

We then establish control intent through the use of zoning diagrams and a control narrative.   If the lighting control system is in our scope of work, we also provide one-line diagrams and the specifications for this equipment.  The last step of this phase is to review all contract documents relative to our work prior to issuing the Construction Document Set.

Construction Administration Phase

During construction we review shop drawing submittals and lighting sample selections to make sure they meet the intent of our designs and specifications.   We field questions about the design and provide addenda, amendments and revised drawings as required for clarification.   We visit the site prior to substantial completion to verify that all lighting systems are installed and performing satisfactorily and provide progress reports.   Once the installation is complete we'll return to the site to direct the targeting and adjustment of all adjustable fixtures and report on any unfinished items.  If our scope of work includes a lighting control system we'll report on these components and may assist in programming light levels once the system has been commissioned.

Post Construction

We offer several value added services once construction is complete to ensure the lighting systems stay up and running.  These include training occupants and maintenance staff on the operation and maintenance of the lighting control systems.  On project where we also provide daylighting design services  this may extend to include operation of shading systems and daylight dimming/switching systems, as well as other building and control systems.